As experts in the field of Business Intelligence software, Dufrain possess a team of vastly experienced consultants that not only meet the requirements of our client’s needs but also allow them to get more from Teradata.

About our Teradata Consultants

As an industry leader in active data warehousing technology which provides a single view of the enterprise in real time, Teradata also specialises in business intelligence analytics. This greatly helps your business use data in imaginative new ways to gain maximum value.

At Dufrain, our professional team of Teradata Consultants recognise the benefits that Teradata can offer our customers. Our team of developers possess the necessary skills required to reap the rewards for your business available through the implementation and use of Teradata's excellent database platforms.

The range of products and varied applications that Teradata offer compliments our aim to help improve all aspects of our client’s operations:

  • Business Intelligence. We provide business users with access to the information that can help inform their decision making

  • Data Governance. Our experts ensure that data warehousing systems support the goals of your business

  • Platform Integration. By harnessing the power of your data storage systems, you can consolidate into one central system.

  • Relationship Management. By incorporating information storage with communication, we add a new dimension to the management of our client’s relationships

  • Analytics. Through the use of data mining and profiling, your business can realise the potential of your most significant data

Why choose Dufrain as your Teradata Consultants

  • By working closely with our clients, we offer a professional service that more than often exceeds expectations

  • We have supported some of the UK’s leading businesses since 2010 in effort to help them to become more competitive in their specialist market

  • Our experienced consulting team possess unrivalled knowledge of various other Business Intelligence platforms, including SAS and SAP Business Objects

Find out how our Certified Teradata Professionals can meet your requirements by contacting us today via our online form.

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