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R is now one of the most widely used data science tools. It is an open-source statistical tool that has increased its ETL capabilities as new packages have been developed in recent years. Many modelling teams are turning to R, so they can tap into its vast array of leading packages to exploit their data.

We can help you with:

  • R Technology Advice
  • R AWS Migration / Implementation 
  • R Analytics Project Management 
  • R Resource Augmentation 
  • R Training – off the shelf, bespoke or in project


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Dufrain’s R Consultancy:

Our consultants have the expertise to easily integrate R technology with your existing systems to deliver enterprise analytics — helping you to unlock the true value of your business data.

R is just one of many technologies that our consultants work with on a day to day basis, which means our breadth of knowledge is second to none. Using this expertise, our consultants are able to help your organisation through every step of the analytics process providing you with accurate and relevant insight, resulting in improved profitability, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Whether on-site or remotely, our consultants are experts in a range of R packages including R dataframes, plyr, ggplot2, forecast, caret, curl, neuralnet, randomForest, rvest, regex, and tm, and many others. We are ready to support you with:
  • Visualization and Dashboarding
  • Data ETL
  • Web Scraping Applications
  • Natural language processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Image Analytics
  • Predictive Modelling/Machine learning
  • Optimisation Applications
If you choose to use R for your analytics, then we can help you with the following:
  • Data Engineering – Identify and map key data sources, deal with data discrepancies and prepare data for analysis or modelling applications
  • Exploratory Data Analysis – Explore and mine data to provide commercially relevant insight 
  • Reporting and Visualisation – Develop relevant and informative end user dashboards for senior management to monitor KPI’s
  • Predictive Analytics – Train analytic models to understand value drivers in your business
  • Predictive Modelling – Build or augment models in your business to better predict future outcomes
  • Optimisation – Utilise data-modelling tools to drive better tactical decisions for competitive advantage
  • Data Migration – Collate and transfer data from existing platforms to cloud-based target platforms
  • Big Data Integration – Connect R into your big data technologies to exploit new sources of business value
  • Training – Upskill your team to use and maximise the value from R’s analytics packages


  • With our data consulting experience and breadth of dedicated data science expertise, we are well poised to tackle your data science challenges, avoid the common pitfalls, and deliver credible results for your organisation
  • The UK’s leading businesses trust us to help them navigate new levels of complexity as they integrate and exploit R and its analytics packages
  • With locations across the UK, we are well placed to support your project wherever you are
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