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Power BI is the latest addition to the Microsoft Data Tools Suite which includes Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration services and SQL Server Reporting Services. By utilising these three existing tools and the powerful API provided in Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft has been able to create a truly intuitive platform that offers data integration, analytics and business intelligence. This ensures that organisations get the right information to the right people, driving better informed decision making and impacting the bottom line

Power BI Challenges you may be facing:

  • Power BI Development 
  • Power BI Dashboards & Visualisations Best Practice 
  • Power BI Project Management 
  • Power BI Tool Comparison 
  • Power BI Managed Service 


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Dufrain's Power BI Consultancy:

As a Power BI partner our consultants are well versed in the Microsoft Data Tools and can easily integrate Power BI with your existing systems to deliver enterprise analytics — helping you to unlock the true value of your business data.

The Power BI platform is just one of many technologies that our consultants work with on a day to day basis, which means our breadth of knowledge is second to none. Using this expertise, our consultants can help your organisation through every step of the Power BI implementation process including; establishing your requirements, assessing your data architecture, implementing a data management process and aligning the software tools with your needs. Whether it is on-site or in the cloud, our consultants are ready to help support with:
  • Dashboard Development – assistance to build your Dashboards in line with best practice 
  • Dashboards Review – Power BI Dashboards Review 
  • Adoption – moving from Microsoft Excel to Power BI or technology advice on the best Visualisation and Data Management/Analytics tools to combine with Power BI 
  • Migration – from SAS, Qlik, Tableau or other visualisation tools to Power BI 
  • Development – building best practice BI solutions 
  • Power BI Training – skills or resource gaps with Power BI 


  • We play to the strengths of our talented consultants, matching their skills and expertise as required to the different aspects involved with Power BI. Due to this approach of planning and landing resource as and when required, we are able to provide a flexible commercial approach that saves £100k’s 
  • The UK’s leading businesses trust us to help them to achieve new levels of efficiency with the Power BI platform 
  • With locations across the UK, we are well placed to support your project wherever you are
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