Heritage & Ambition

Dufrain was inspired by the common view - of being in charge of my own destiny and working for myself. For many it is only a dream, however during a very busy winter period which presented endless client issues and challenges, I remember hearing the same quote again and again on TV whilst writing contracts and reviewing reports - “get busy living, or get busy dying”. I thought about what sort of business I could set up and realised that I could do what I was currently doing, only better. 

Consulting is all about people; from how we treat and work with clients to how we work with consultants that deliver the services.  I knew there was an opportunity to work differently and better with both clients and consultants. I wanted Dufrain to be associated with high calibre staff and to have a sense of fair play, for Dufrain and our clients. With this in mind and with a couple of like-minded people in tow, we got busy “living”.

We had lots of challenges along the way, learning new skills and being prepared to adapt to a changing landscape on a day-to-day basis. Having gone through the tough early years we emerged a solid business with a strong sense of technical and business excellence, whilst remaining true to my core values of fair play and honesty for all.

I am always asked where the Dufrain name comes from.  It was the film that felt like it was on every evening during that difficult winter – The Shawshank Redemption. Inspired by the film and the tribulations of Andy Dufresne – Dufrain was born. Albeit with slightly easier spelling!

The spirit that inspired me to start Dufrain lives on as more people join us in their own quest to get “busy living” and make their own difference.  The growing ‘Dufrainians’ have collectively challenged what we can do and achieve for the company and clients alike.  The next five years sees Dufrain growing significantly, delivering services that our customers need and those that provide rewarding challenges to our employees.

The need to adapt and change never diminishes, and to meet our new goals means thinking differently. Somebody said to me recently that Dufrain was like a start-up. I challenged that we had been through the “start up” phase a number of years ago, but then this was someone talking about our next phase and as much as it irks me to say it…. he was right.

We are in a start-up phase again, all these things are what drew people to us in the first place. Listening to our employees and clients is how we intend to continue to grow. Enabling our employees to make a difference to their lives, careers, and clients. Listening to clients to deliver the services and value they need to create on-going partnerships.


More about Michael

Michael Gilmartin was born in Dublin way back in the 60’s... (late 60’s). He moved to Edinburgh as a child with his large family and apart from a stint living in Japan has conducted most of his professional career in the UK. He has worked for a range of businesses from large US corporates to small Scottish concerns dealing in sectors from Finance and Energy to Hospitality and Technology.