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A good data strategy framework will help you achieve strategic goals

The ability to meet medium to long-term business objectives requires many aspects of your organisation to work in harmony – all pulling in the same direction. Data strategy solutions underpins your business strategy and sets the agenda for the IT delivery roadmap.

Dufrain will take the mystery out of what a good data strategy framework looks like, because we fully understand the various components that are essential for a successful strategy. More importantly, we know which components to focus on to ensure your data and analytics strategy matches the usage and growth agenda of your organisation.

Data Strategy

Aligning your data management strategy with your business objectives

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Dufrain’s Data Capability Assessment

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Dufrain’s BI and Reporting solution helped a bank to better understand its data, reporting and licence usage.
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What is a data strategy?

A data strategy documents where and how data supports your critical business processes. It includes your organisation’s data challenges and opportunities you can unlock by having the right data solutions in place. A strategy will provide guiding principles to help you address data challenges and coordinated steps to help you achieve business objectives.

Why do I need a data strategy?

Your organisation produces unprecedented amounts of data, which you can exploit to gain a competitive lead. In today’s data driven world, companies that don’t keep pace risk losing customers. Data strategy solutions will help you identify whether your company is a leader or a laggard, and will help you to improve your data, or acquire new data, to achieve your business goals.

How do I build a data strategy?

  1. Identify what your business is trying to achieve and how you can apply data
  2. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Decide on a logical sequence of actions

Sounds simple but there’s an art to getting your data strategy solutions right first time. Dufrain’s highly qualified consultants can help you build a strategy that will ensure long-term success.

Why Dufrain for data management strategy?

We have gained a wealth of experience supporting large enterprises and smaller organisations with their data strategies.

Strategic Vision Setting
Business Requirements Gathering
Data Strategy Definition
Target State Definition
Epics and Use-case Definition
Strategic Roadmap Definition
Implementation Planning and Management
Programme and Project Management

Technology expertise

Our data solutions are powered by industry-leading technologies.

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