Manage your Data Migration effectively with our Data Migration solutions

Our clients often engage Dufrain for advice and best-practice support in their Data Migration projects. You can benefit from our experience delivering complex Data Migration solutions across multiple industries.

Challenges you may be facing:

  • How do I plan my Data Migration project?
  • How do I understand the requirements of a Data Migration Project?
  • How do I minimise downtime during the Data Migration?
  • What technology should I use to carry out my Data Migration? 
  • How do I manage poor quality source data in a Data Migration project?
  • How do I test and assess a successful Data Migration?
  • Do I have the skills needed to complete a Data Migration myself, or the ability to upskill my team?
  • What is the best approach to Data Integration and ETL for Data Migrations?
  • What are the benefits of using a Data Migration specialist partner to complete a Data Migration Project?

Data Migration support from Dufrain:

  • Data Integrity Review / Assessment
  • Data Migration Review / Assessment
  • Data Migration Programme Design & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Tool Selection for Data Migration

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Data Migration Overview:

A Data Migration is the movement of data from a source to target system.

Data Migration is usually required as a result of the introduction of a new business system – whether through a system consolidation, an application upgrade, a new data warehousing solution, or a company merger.

Data Migrations are often seen by companies as a necessary evil of large-scale, expensive IT Projects. As a result, it can be easy to focus on the more attractive aspects of such projects - the front-end system - whilst underestimating the size and complexity of actually getting data in there.

A Successful Data Migration will:

  • Result in a seamless migration process – users of the new system/application will not worry about the data, but instead be able to enjoy the benefits of the system upgrade
  • Ensure complete transparency through thorough system and unit testing, as well as reporting and validation
  • Integrate data from multiple sources, across structured and unstructured data types for completeness
  • Maintain and even improve data quality and integrity
  • Not delay other aspects of the Programme
  • Minimise downtime for the users within the business
  • Minimise remedial fixes

Common Data Migration challenges:

  • Technology integration – We help clients integrate with any technology using our experts in leading Data Migration technologies
  • Skills Gaps – We can support your project, overcoming skills gaps or challenges with resourcing capacity
  • Data Quality – We can help you to ensure Data Quality within your Data Migration project, using best practice Data Migration principles we have developed over 100’s of projects
  • Expensive to scale – We ensure costs are managed effectively ensuring the right plan is executed with the right people, at the right time
  • Unstructured Data – We can help you to overcome challenges migrating unstructured data

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