The expert Business Intelligence Specialists at Dufrain have provided professional support and services to some of the UK’s leading businesses, helping them to achieve new levels of growth and efficiency. We are experts when it comes to transforming data into useful information, and we can help you to make the sort of data driven decisions that are crucial to long term success.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your reporting techniques, or seeking new solutions to automate data tasks, we can help you to make the most of your data.

How Our Business Intelligence Specialists Can Help

Our Business Intelligence Specialists have worked with businesses across numerous diverse sectors, and they are fully committed to achieving results.

We provide organisations with support for various Business Intelligence services, including:

Business Intelligence Strategy

We will offer your business an effective business intelligence strategy to help you get more from your data to make critical decision making.

Data Integration

Our experts offer industry-leading data integration services to provide a unified view of your business' various data sources.

Data Mining

At Dufrain, we have possess leading data mining expertise to help your business find correlations and patterns within your large volume of data for precise analysis and reporting.

Data Migration

A data migration project can be both time-consuming and complicated for your business. Here at Dufrain, our business intelligence consultants will guide you through the process to avoid data corruption and downtime.

Data Warehousing

Effective data warehousing services from Dufrain will not only allow your business to integrate multiple data sources but also support decision making to help achieve new levels of growth.

Other expert services our Business Intelligence Specialists can offer:

  • BI Reporting Capability – Insight Packs
  • Operational Efficiencies – Automation
  • Bespoke Software Business Solutions
  • Customer profiling and Segmentation
  • Business Intelligence Health Checks

Why Choose Dufrain?

We make a point of forming close working relationships with our clients, as it enables us to fully understand your unique business requirements We have experience in using a wide range of Business Intelligence software packages, including SAP Business Objects, QlikView, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Informatica and much more

We play to the strengths of our talented consultants, match their skills and expertise as required to different projects. We are thus able to provide each of our clients with a fully tailored service, specifically designed to fulfil your specific Business Intelligence needs If your organisation has difficulty in making sense of large sets of data, our Business Intelligence Specialists can help.

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