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Business Intelligence Solutions & Data Management Company

Dufrain is a market-leader in data management services and data analytics consultancy. We will support you at every stage in your journey to becoming a data-driven business, ensuring you gain true value from your data.

From developing the right strategy through to data management, data engineering, business intelligence and analytics, we provide a comprehensive range of innovative and cost-effective data services.

We have a proven track record and an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing organisations that are looking to optimise their data.

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Dufrain data services
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Solutions for Data Management

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  Case studies

Our data solutions in the real world

Find out how we help clients from a range of industries to harness their data, gain valuable insights and make better informed decisions. Ultimately, we enable organisations around the world to optimise their data and grow their businesses.

Empowering our clients

Why Dufrain?

Dufrain is the trusted Data Management company for many global enterprises and smaller organisations.

UK-based serving global clients

Unrivalled Data Management expertise

Experience across many industries

Proven track record

Data Technology expertise

Technology expertise

Our data solutions are powered by industry-leading technologies.

We are technology agnostic

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